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Color for Golf Course Paths

Color for Golf Course Paths

Shouldn't your cart paths reflect the natural beauty of your course?

They can if you use Ochre or Umber pigments from New Riverside Ochre.  A great deal of effort goes into the landscaping and appearance around the fairways, greens, and tee boxes of your golf course.  The same consideration should be given to the cart path to ensure that it blends in with your natural setting. 

New Riverside Ochre produces a 100% natural pigment that is ideal for creating a buff earth tone cart path that will blend well with the natural landscape of your golf course.  No need to settle for grey cement or asphalt.

Ochre and Umber are 100% natural iron oxide pigments that are ideal for creating buff earth tone cart paths. No need to settle for grey cement or asphalt.  When added to the concrete mix, they produce a non-reactive, non-toxic, non-fading, permanent pigment in a range of buff colors. Ochre has become the concrete pigment of choice for a number of nationally renowned golf course architects and developers due to the natural appearance and cost effectiveness.  Additional colors are also available.

Our pigments are in stock and can be shipped to any location in the nation.

Since 1905, New Riverside Ochre, Inc. in Cartersville, GA has been a mining company that is the source of the majority of the nation’s natural iron oxide pigment.  In addition to golf course cart paths, our pigment is used in mortar, retaining walls, brick, stone veneer, pavers, grout, roofing granules, roof tiles, and tile manufacturing.

See our listing on the NGCOA (National Golf Course Owners Association) Buyers Guide.


Golf Courses using New Riverside pigments: 

  • Kittitian Hill – St. Kitts
  • Greyhawk Golf Club – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Greystone Country Club – Birmingham, AL
  • Twelve Bridges Golf Course – Lincoln, CA
  • Reynolds Plantation – Greensoro, GA
  • Hawks Ridge Golf Course – Ball Ground, GA
  • Indigo Run – Hilton Head, SC
  • The Farm – Dalton, GA
  • Old Overton Country Club – Birmingham, AL
  • Barnsley Gardens Golf Course – Adairsville, GA
  • Frenchman’s Creek Country Club – Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Spanish Oaks Golf Club – Austin, TX
  • Tennessee National Golf Club – Knoxville, TN
  • Turner Hill Golf Club – Ipswich, MA

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22 January 2015


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