Barite/Rad Ban

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Barite/Rad Ban

Barite is a mineral that has a wide range of application due to three attributes:  it’s extremely heavy with a specific gravity of 4.3, soft, and chemically inert.  While much of the Barite use within the United States goes to the oil and gas drilling industry to prevent blowouts during drilling, the majority of New Riverside’s high grade Barite goes into chemical applications and radiation shielding concrete.

What is Rad Ban™?

Rad Ban™ is a heavy aggregate (Barium Sulfate) designed for radiation shielding concrete and all other heavy aggregate applications.

Principle Uses:radban1
  • Hospital Construction or Renovation
  • Radiation Therapy Suites
  • University Nuclear Research Facilities
  • Commercial Nuclear Power Plants
  • Nuclear Waste Containment Sites
  • Military Nuclear Refueling Facilities
  • Counterweights for Bridge Construction
  • Offshore Pipeline Stabilizer
  • Heavy Aggregate

Radiation Shielding Projects:radban2
  • Fermilab National Accelerator—International Falls, MN
  • Carolinas Medical Center—Charlotte, NC
  • Forsyth Hospital—Winston-Salem, NC
  • Georgia Tech Accelerator—Atlanta, GA
  • Hardin Memorial—Elizabethtown, KY
  • Sequoyah Nuclear Facility—Oakridge, TN
  • Toumey Regional Hospital—Sumter, SC

Physical Properties:
Chemical Name:    Barium Sulfate
Formula:        BaSO4
Common Name:    Barite, Barytes
Specific Gravity:    4.3

Typical Mix Design:
Type 1 Portland Cement    500 lbs./yd.3
Water                258 lbs./yd.3
Fine Rad Ban™                  2,225 lbs./yd.3
Coarse Rad Ban™              3,100 lbs./yd.3
Admix (Water Reducer)       50 oz./yd.3
Slump                4—6 inches
Design Air Content        1%
Density/ft3                     225 lbs.

Block Application:
The Barite can be produced in a gradation that meets your specifications based on the density per cubic ft. requirements.

Technical Requirements:
Rad Ban™ meets the requirements of ASTM Specification C-33/C33M-13 (Standard Specifications for Concrete Aggregates).

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