Maintaining Color Consistency

For over 110 years, New Riverside’s commitment to quality control and manufacturing excellence has led to superior color consistency and customer satisfaction.

Color Consistency

“How can color consistency be maintained with a natural pigment?”

Since Ochre is a mined product, many people ask the question…”How can the color be consistent when it is coming out of the ground?”

The fact is...our natural iron oxide is just as consistent as the synthetically produced pigments.

Since 1905, New Riverside has achieved color consistency by not only identifying the color of the ore during mining, but most importantly through a series of steps designed to blend the ore from multiple mine sites. By blending the ore during our processing, color shifts are minimized. Before any pigment leaves New Riverside, it is compared to a “standard” and must meet specs or it doesn’t ship!

Steps for ensuring color consistency include:

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deltaEColor Consistency: The ΔE values throughout a full year demonstrate the consistency of color. Hunter L,a,b, color is monitored and held to a ΔE of 1.5 











New Riverside Ochre

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