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A Company in business for more than 100 years has learned and grown from experiences in its markets. That is true for New Riverside Ochre Company (NRO), a family owned natural iron oxide mining and mineral processing company that has been in business for 112 years. New Riverside Ochre is a major supplier to many concrete and cement related markets. Now NRO has expanded its product line to include granular pigments to service the concrete block and paver markets. This product line improves color consistency, productivity, and is “naturally” appealing. NRO is the only pigment company that is producing pre-blended colored granules in a single super sack.

Color consistency is important for block/paver manufacturing. Typically, these plants have pigment addition systems that accommodate four (4) colors: two (2) reds, one (1) yellow and one (1) black. While the addition of separate pigments is designed for precise pigment addition rates, this is difficult to achieve when small dosages are desired for one of the colors. Variability within the dosing can leave systems uncontrollable. This lack of process control results in product loss, customer complaints and low employee morale. NRO has developed a line of natural based granulated (spray dried) pigments that will produce a wide range of block and paver colors. Currently, a buff color formulated using yellow, red, and black in three (3) feed stations of a dosing system can be produced using one (1) station. This reduction in feed station use is achieved by using NRO’s single super blends. The single pigment consists of a natural pigment as the base; mined and processed in the United States under carefully controlled conditions. This natural based granulated pigment in combination with synthetic iron oxide pigments is then spray dried to produce free flowing granules. No more worries about too much yellow or not enough red! The same color block/paver each time.

Increased quality is a direct result of color consistency. The use of a single bag in a dosing station to effectively achieve buff (or any other “earth-tone” color from red to brown to yellow), vastly decreases quality holds and customer complaints resulting from inconsistent color. Increasing quality by reducing the production of defective product enhances production performance of the block/paver operation. This better performance has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Contact New Riverside Ochre to find out more about this innovative approach to coloring block and paver products. New Riverside Ochre is located at 75 Old River Road, Cartersville, Georgia. Phone (800)248-0176. Information is available online at

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