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At the 2016 World of Concrete Trade Show in Las Vegas, New Riverside Ochre reported a large attendance and significant traffic at their booth. In addition to the strong interest shown by U.S. manufacturers, companies from Nigeria, Canada, Spain, Dubai, Qatar, China and many from South America also requested samples of their natural iron oxide pigments. New Riverside used the trade show as an opportunity to showcase 5 new granular pigments with emphasis on the block and paver industry. While two of the colors, NIROX™412 and Redwood are produced from cost effective 100% natural iron oxide pigments, Rosetta Buff, Riverside Tan and Moss Green are granular pigments made by blending both natural and synthetic iron oxides. While many block and paver companies utilize color dispensers that are set-up for running super sacks of a yellow, two shades of red, and a black pigment, most reported that the second red is rarely...
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New Riverside Ochre

New Riverside’s success is based on “world class” mineral reserves, exceptional customer support, dedicated employees and a technical staff commited to producing high quality products and value for their customers.

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